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YOU WIN when you read 'The Business Of Dentistry'...

"I've been in the dental industry for more than 37 years as a private practitioner, academician, researcher, author and 25 years as a practice management and organisational consultant.

I've read many books on practice management, but none as in-depth, as well written, and as complete as Rob Walsh's The Business of Dentistry.

If you want to master running your practice as a successful business, I strongly recommend reading this book."

Dr Marc B Cooper, CEO & President of The Mastery Company, author of 'Valuocity' and 'Mastering the Business of Practice.'

The Business of Dentistry 'cuts to the chase':

1.   It captures and shares nine steps it takes to create a successful dental business and walks you through every step

2.   You'll know how you can create a happier, wealthier life as you run a more purposeful and a more profitable dental business

3.   Put provides a route-map for you to follow so you run a stronger, more profitable dental business, and improve your life as well!

" Rob Walsh puts in place the strategies you need for your dental business to allow you to have the personal life that you want. The effect this has had on myself and my family is amazing. I can see clearly now the rain has gone. It's cheesy but it's absolutely true.

Ransley Morenas, Principal Dentist and Practice Owner, Southview Dental Centre, 3 surgery dental practice in Edenbridge, Kent.

QUESTION: "How do I know the The Business of Dentistry process will be valuable to me?"

ANSWER:      Because it has been honed and refined by the author Rob Walsh, a leading consultant to dentists as he has worked with dentists every week over the last ten years.

Everything you read in The Business of Dentistry are proven examples of real-life actions already taken by dentists like you. Real life actions you can replicate. Real life SUCCESS you can replicate too.

I know enough now - please let me buy now 

Yes, your practice is unique. And yet the challenges of running a dental business remain universal for dentists.

What works for one dental business can and does work for another - Rob Walsh proves this in the many business 'board meetings' he attends with dental teams every year (almost 150 in the last 3 years alone). You win as Rob shares his experiences and insights. You get to see and hear what works and what doesn't with dentists around the UK.

Examples worth your attention:

Knowing the process already works, you can put it to work for you. Just like:

Real life dentist example 1: the husband and wife dental team in the North West who benchmarked their financial results using the process in chapter 22, highlighted the inefficiences in their practice and took action to increase their net profit from 15% to 30% in two years

Real life dental example 2: The sole trader dentist in the South West who applied the marketing principles in chapter 31, cut TWO THIRDS of her marketing budget and STILL sees 20% more new patients each month compared to two years ago

Real life dentist example 3: The dentist who spent just one day taking the steps described in chapter 2 to set his business vision and now has a clear plan to generate an additional £100,000 in revenue per year.

The Business of Dentistry has nine sections jam-packed with tried and tested insights like these which you can use to replicate the success of these dentists. And all for the price of one single book. Seems a good buy to you?

I know enough now - please let me buy now

Real life dentist example 4: The dentist in the North West who applied the principle in chapter 34 of using what he already has, maximised his hygiene function and released an additional £75,000 net profit per year

"Everything is very measureable. You can actually see an outcome from what you have done. All these things help to reduce your stress levels at work as well as adding to your bottom line."

Bob Mehay, Principal Dentist & Practice Owner, Butterfly Dental, 3 surgery dental practice in Altrincham, Manchester

"The book is so comprehensive that all practitioners should be able to see instant advantage by implementing the challenges set in the book. I recommend this book unreservedly."

Dr Martin Delahaye, Principal Dentist and Practice Owner at Harley Street and Wembley practices, Chairman of the Advisory Board of CODE

I know enough now - please let me buy now

What you get in your copy of
The Business of Dentistry


What this means for you and your practice...

Nine clear and concise chapters - structured to aid easy and logical reading


A multitude of ideas and insights captured in a sensible format so you make sense of them straightaway

The author's 25+ years of working to grow business across all sectors


Your very own dental business mentor who brings you the most valuable ideas from the wider business arena to use in your dental business

The author's 15 years working with dentists across the UK and beyond


Ideas which are guaranteed to be applicable to your dental business and entirely plausible for you to apply

Over 20 ready to use charts, checklists and examples 


You get tools you can use to evaluate where your dental business stands now on each of the chapter subjects, and readily highlight where there is room for improvement

Real life experiences of dentists like you - from sole traders to multi-partner practices


Theory backed up with real-life experiences prove the value of The Business of Dentistry process

A total of 10 appendices full of measurement aids, logs and forms


You get tools you can use straightaway to get off to a flying start on applying the ideas and principles in the book

I know enough now - please let me buy now

You know how you can create a happier, more profitable life as you run a more purposeful and profitable dental business.

The book will cost you £12.99 but the insights within are potentially INVALUABLE

Take the one easy, low cost action - order The Business of Dentistry now and discover the proven, logical steps to get more out of your dental business.

Wishing you and your dental business every success

The Clear Vision Team

P.S. The Business of Dentistry offers you the chance to get your hands on a logical process proven to help you run a successful dental business. At just £12.99 it makes sense to take it doesn't it?

P.P.S. The Business of Dentistry presents this process in a logical and easily digestible format. So you know you'll be able to get off to flying start in applying the ideas which improve your business and your life.

Worth your while, worth your investment, worth taking action?

Please let me buy now

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