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Mystery shopper service

When was the last time you considered the impression your practice gives to the outside world?

It’s an important point for you, particularly while competiton in the sector increases and families are wary about where money is spent. A great first impression really gives your practice a better chance to secure a new patient.

It’s understandable to get caught up in what is happening internally in your practice. You don’t have time to take a step outside of your business and look in.

Which is why Clear Vision is offering to do this for you. We’ll make a ‘mystery shopper’ call to your practice, posing as a potential patient and then report back to you on what we experience. So you can be clear about what kind of first impression your practice gives.

Once the domain of the retail sector alone, ‘Mystery Shopping’ is now used by dentists. There are dental practices already gaining on their competitors as they learn how they can improve the initial patient experience.

Here’s what Asha Ram, principal and owner of Regency House Dental Practice in Staffordshire has to say about the benefits of mystery shopping:

“Clear Vision acted as a mystery shopper for my practice and it has proved highly informative. As a dentist, it’s natural to internalise, to concentrate on what is happening in the practice. I don’t get the time and space to take a step back. The review highlighted a number of improvements we can make to maximise the number of potential patients who come to visit us. We are now incorporating the points brought up in the review in our team training.”

By now you’re wondering what the cost is for this service. Here’s the good news…

We’ll undertake a review for you. And there’ll be no charge. Yes, you did read that right. We’ll do it FOR FREE.

Clear Vision’s mystery shopper service includes a review of:

  • Your telephone welcome - how the telephone is answered and how the caller is made to feel initially
  • What information is provided in respect of your regular dental examinations and hygiene appointments
  • How well your receptionist promotes the value and benefits of these appointments and the skills of the clinicians who undertake them
  • How well your receptionist promotes your dental treatments (you can specify which ones our caller asks about)
  • How well your receptionist deals with questions about the cost of your treatment
  • How well your receptionist relates to our caller's concerns and needs – whether they start a personalised conversation with the caller
  • Whether or not your receptionist asks where our caller has heard about your practice
  • Whether or not your receptionist offers our caller an appointment
  • Whether or not your receptionist takes any further information about the caller so your practice gets chance to market to the ‘potential patient’
  • How well your receptionist wraps things up – their goodbye and the strength of the lasting impression

After the call, you’ll get a personalised report on all these points.

"Why are you offering to do this?" we hear you cry...

We want you to have this review at our expense because we are confident it will contribute to you gaining an advantage over your local competitors.

And it allows us to demonstrate the little added extras Clear Vision's dentist clients enjoy. And then we hope that you will want us to help you further. But let's be clear. You'll be under no obligation to take up chargeable work from us.

Here’s how you book your FREE review…

 To take us up on this offer, simply call our friendly team on 01249 712074, there’ll be a brief discussion about your review and then we’ll crack on and do the rest.

Sound good to you? Here’s our number again, call it now: 01249 712074.

"I would just like to thank you and your your team for all the hard work you have put into our recent request for help re: the telephone manner of our staff. The Mystery Shop reports were extremely thorough without being judgemental. From start to finish we were handled extremely professionally and we would not hesitate to use you again or recommmend you and your services to others." Sue Craske, Practice Manager, Norfolk Dental Specialists

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