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Free consultation for dentists

Book your free 2 hours support

It's common for a dentist to have issues in one or more areas of their life.

Perhaps you do too.

You know the sort of thing:

  • Your life suffering at the hands of your dental business
  • You have financial pressures or uncertainties which take up your time and headspace
  • You worry you can’t see a clear path to the retirement you want
  • You are concerned you are paying more than you need to the Taxman

Some dentists (just like other business owners) leave their issues to fester. Put off dealing with them.

The danger here is, as you can appreciate, the issue begins to control the dentist instead of the dentist controlling the issue.

You have a choice of how to deal with your challenges. Brush them under the carpet? Or get support to resolve them so you can move forward?

Yes, your dental business is unique. And yet many dentists experience similar issues.

Our team has worked with dentists for over a decade. So we've seen and dealt with the common challenges dentists face again and again. And now you can let us help you overcome yours.

Time to claim your complimentary two hours support

We love helping dentists. Helping making a difference to the lives of dentists is what gives us a buzz. So you are welcome to two hours of our time, entirely on a complimentary, no obligation basis.

"Why are you offering to do this?" we hear you cry...

We want you to have this support at our expense because we are confident that we can make a difference as a result. And it allows us to demonstrate Clear Vision's expertise and prowess in changing the lives of dentists and their families. And then we hope that you will want us to help you further. But let's be clear. You'll be under no obligation to speak to us again.

This is a genuine offer to have a conversation about you, your practice and your potential to improve your life.

“Why bother?”

Here’s what will happen…your 2 hours support will cover the following:

1.   If your concern is your financial results, we will:

  • review your latest accounts
  • benchmark your results against industry averages and similar practices
  • Review the untapped profit potential you have

2.  If your concern is the development of your dental business and your life we’ll look at your goals, your challenges and your issues

  • we'll pass you a revealing checklist(s) to complete
  • we'll assess your completed checklist(s)

And following the relevant assessment, we'll have a 15-30 minute call with you to discuss our findings and recommendations.

And what will this mean for you?

You are unique so it’s hard to predict but experience suggests:

  • You’ll identify a number of ‘quick win’ ideas which we have seen work time and time again for dentists. Quick wins you can put to use straightaway to improve your financial results and / or develop your dental business and life
  • You’ll be clear about the opportunities you have to improve your results and / or develop your Business and life
  • You’ll work out the specific next steps you need to take to make these things happen

Sound good to you?

Here’s our number again, call it now to book your 2 hours support: 01249 712074.

Clear Vision Accountancy Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  ACCA red

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