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Why do we offer the following stuff for free?

It’s no secret.We hope that by providing you with some complimentary support, you will see there is significant value in what we do and rate our expertise in improving the lives of dentists. And we hope this will encourage you to consider us when you need an accountant or are looking for an adviser to help you develop your practice.

But let's be clear. When you take up an offer of free help from us, there will be no obligation on your part to take up payable work afterwards, now or in the future.

It's our risk, not yours.

Once the domain of the retail sector, dentists are now successfully using our ‘Mystery Shopper’ service to learn how they can improve the initial patient experience. We’ll do it for you. And we’ll do it for free...

We love talking to dentists. Helping making a difference to the lives of dentists is what gives us a buzz. So you are welcome to two hours support from our specialist dental accountants and consultants, entirely on a complimentary, no obligation basis.

It's simple to book your conversation with us, just call our friendly team on 01249 712074. There'll be a brief discussion of your situation, how we can help you and what we need to know to provide you with the appropriate support. Then we'll arrange a further telephone call with you at your convenience to discuss our findings and recommendations.

Whether you need financial clarity, are looking to increase your practice profits or improve your work-life balance and achieve your personal goals, we can help.

Sound good to you? Here's our number again, call it now: 01249 712074.

Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the underlying numbers which drive your dental business results and make them better. You can discover how they drive the growth and success of your dental business here.

Want to discuss your KPI results and how you can improve them? Just call Dee Gerrish on 01249 712074 or email She’ll discuss how you can measure and improve the KPIs that matter to you.

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