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Clear Vision’s Dental Business Buyer Support Service

Buying your new dental practice is one of the biggest and most important decisions of your life.

These are changing times in the dental industry. Competition to purchase dental businesses is strong. Business values are growing. Contracts are changing.

So you need to take advantage of all the advice you can get to make sure the decision is ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY right for you.

As specialist dental accountants and dental business consultants, Clear Vision has valuable advice to give. Advice which will:

•    Help you make the right purchase decision
•    Help you secure your new business in the most favourable terms to you

And what’s more, we’ll give you this crucial support for free.

Here’s one easy step to take up this offer of help...

Simply pass us:

•    A copy of the seller’s latest business accounts
•    A copy of the valuer's promotional information on the business for sale

Here’s what we’ll do with this information...

We’ll suggest further information you would benefit from getting from the seller, flag up potential opportunities for growth within the business and highlight how the business results may change should you go ahead with the purchase.

We can do this as we combine our ability to analyse business accounts with our knowledge of dental business valuations. 

Here’s what you’ll get from us...

You’ll get a report covering the areas above.

It won’t cost you a penny...

You may need to produce a business plan and/or financial forecast to support your application for funding. We have a strong track record in producing these documents for dentists and can provide you with a competitive quote to complete the work.

Other than this, our advice will be free.

“Why free?”

It’s no secret. We hope that by providing you with this complimentary support, you will see there is significant value in what we do and rate our expertise in helping dentists. And we hope this will encourage you to consider us when you need an accountant or are looking for an adviser to help you develop your newly-acquired practice.

But let’s be clear. There will be no obligation on your part to take up payable work with us, now or in the future.

It’s our risk, not yours. 

Time to act...

You have a highly experienced dental specialist waiting to help you with your practice purchase. And it won’t cost you a penny.

All you have to do is email the dental business accountants and deal information to us at and we’ll get cracking on our analysis to help you buy the right practice, on the right terms.

"They make you aware of pitfalls you don’t see"

Peronei Englebert
Practice Purchaser

  • Peronei has avoided making the wrong purchase decision for her.
  • She knows what to look out for in practice accounts.
  • She knows what evidence she needs from a practice seller.

Clear Vision Accountancy Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  ACCA red

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