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Why are we here?

At Clear Vision Dentist Accountants we believe in eight words:

‘Because we care about making a big difference’

At Clear Vision we care about the bold and brave people who run their own dental business. You'll find we are determined to make a big difference to dentists, our team and our community too.

At Clear Vision Accountancy Group your life goals, your vision, are at the heart of the work we do together.

Like the company name suggests we want you to be clear on what you want personally from your life. Then we'll do everything we can to make sure your business delivers on these goals for you, as the business owner, alongside serving your patients, your team and everyone else with a stake in your business— because we care about making a big difference, to you and your life.

We uphold these Core Values:


  • Be positive, supportive and respectful at all times
  • Ensure that no question ever arises about our ethics


  • Be the best we can be at all times
  • Pushing ourselves to develop and learn


  • Work with great people who value, inspire and want to develop us, from whom we can learn and with whom we enjoy associating
  • Grow via innovative, high-quality services and working only with like-minded clients


  • Do exceptional work and be known for it
  • Consistently question the way things are done in order to constantly improve what we do
  • Dot the ‘i’s’ and cross the ‘t’s’ and never forget that excellence is in the detail

This explains ‘why’ we are here for you. If you believe what we believe, we all look forward to being able to serve you. Brilliantly. In every way we can.

Call the vibrant Clear Vision dentist accountants team on 01249 712074 to discuss how we can make a big difference to you and your life.

You can also take a look at what we do and read a bit about who we are.

Clear Vision Accountancy Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  ACCA red

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