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AVN is one of the UK’s leading associations of accountants, promoting exquisite levels of service by its members to their customers.

AVN Excellence - 6 Star Accreditation

Clear Vision has achieved 6 star accreditation in AVNExcellence, a set of standards for accountants that show they can provide exceptional support to their clients. 6 star is the highest level possible and only a handful of firms in the UK have succeeded in gaining it.

To get this coveted accreditation, the firm went through a rigorous assessment process which examines every aspect of how the firm operates, everything from customer service and measurement systems to goal setting and acting proactively for clients.

Following news of the firm's success, Clear Vision's Director Matthew Rogers said:

"The assessment process was very tough indeed but I am pleased and proud to announce Clear Vision has been accredited with the 6 star AVNExcellence status. It's such a worthwhile process and one which has helped us improve and enhance our working systems even further so that we can successfully pursue our vision to make a big difference to the lives of UK dentists."

Shane Lukas, AVN Managing Director and co-creator of AVNExcellence says:

"The AVNExcellence standards are designed to be tough. After all, business owners who want help to grow their business need to know that their accountant is really on the ball. Even at 4 star level the accountancy firm has to prove they are giving a really valuable service to their clients, not just giving them a set of accounts.

The 6 star accreditation shows that the Clear Vision team is genuinely proactive on behalf of their clients and is committed to creating successful UK businesses. It's great news for UK dentists to have such a brilliant accountancy firm working in the sector!"

AVN 'Firm of the Year' Award

Clear Vision has won the AVN ‘Firm of the Year Award’ three times. Here’s what the AVN Conference Chairman had to say about Clear Vision:

Over one thousand firms of accountants were researched for this award, 41 excellent firms were shortlisted, and Clear Vision came out on top. The judging panel, which was made up of some of the most respected figures in the global accountancy profession who really knew what to look for, considered them to be an extraordinary firm. Not only are they incredibly innovative, but their passion, dedication and commitment to their dentist clients, team and community is redefining what excellence means. As a result Clear Vision are truly an inspiration to the rest of the profession.”

Having made the significant advancements required to successfully contest this fundamental AVN award, the Clear Vision team are regularly asked to present to other AVN members.

Such notable recognition led Steve Pipe, former UK Entrepreneur of the Year and leading UK accountancy guru, to feature Clear Vision in his seminal book ‘The UK’s Best Accountancy Practices’. His comprehensive review of the firm names it as an ‘example of excellence’.

Clear Vision Accountancy Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  ACCA red

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