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The basics you can expect

Here’s some of the basics you can expect from Clear Vision…

  • You have the reassurance of our big, hairy price-promise – if you don’t feel the value you receive from us exceeds the price you pay, you only pay the amount you feel is appropriate. No embarrassment over value for money with us
  • Your accounts are produced fast, within 20 working days – the sooner you get them, the sooner you can start to prepare your tax payments, review your budgets, improve your future results...the lists goes on!
  • You have as much ad-hoc telephone advice as you want – you’ve got a fixed price agreement and you can use it! Call us any time without worrying you’ll get a bill
  • You know exactly what you’ll be paying before we start working with you – awkward discussions about time-based bills get in the way of you doing what you do best – which is why all fees are agreed in advance
  • You can pay your bills over standing order – no sweating over paying a chunky accountancy bill, monthly amounts make more sense and are easier for your cash flow
  • You have a forward-looking accounts review meeting - we focus on explaining your accounts to you in plain English, we highlight the underlying figures and trends for you to consider and show you how you can improve your results for next year

If this approach will make a difference to you, call us on 01249 712074. We’d gladly discuss how you can benefit from our accountancy and consultancy support.

You can also read about why we do what we do and a little more about who we are.

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