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The basics you can expect

In order to create a difference for you, we need to do away with the traditional stumbling blocks you may have experienced when dealing with accountants, and invest in an unconditional and wholehearted relationship with you.

This is why, with Clear Vision, you can always rely on these basics:

  • Our big hairy guarantee—that the value you receive from our services will exceed the price you pay for them, or you decide how much you pay
  • A business partner that works hard to get to know you, your business and the goals and objectives you have
  • A dedicated Client Account Manager so you know your specific contact and won’t get frustrated with getting ‘passed around the houses
  • A fixed quote arrangement giving you access to unlimited telephone and email support, so you are never in fear of receiving an unexpected bill and feel you can readily contact us to ask for help
  • Your draft annual accounts within 20 working days of receiving your records, so you are never left wondering when you will receive them and they are of real use in improving your future results
  • Our ideas and information presented to you in Plain English
  • Your telephone calls and written correspondence dealt with swiftly and efficiently

If this approach will make a difference to you, call us on 01249 712074. We’d gladly discuss how you can benefit from our accountancy and consultancy support.

You can also read about why we do what we do and a little more about who we are.

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