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Work smarter, not harder

Vinai Patel is a dentist.

A dentist who loves data. 

And he thrives on crunching data to drive the performance of his practice.

So you can sense how frustrating it was for Vinai to be using accountancy software which wasn't up to the task.  

His Practice Manager was able to give him a monthly breakdown of his expenses. But he couldn't track his income and profits on a rolling basis, measure where his profit was coming from or compare it to previous periods.

Plus the production of his annual accounts took longer. This wasted his Practice Manager's time and prevented him from receiving data which was 'fresh' enough to use in the improvement of his practice.

Luckily Vinai has his Clear Vision Account Manager, Ben. And Ben created a bespoke financial tracking tool for Vinai.

Now Vinai is able to produce comprehensive monthly data. 

Data which shows him:

  • which costs have risen and by what percentage
  • what income and profit each of his associates has generated each month
  • how well each of his associates is performing against a specific set of targets, directly linked to the financial goals of the practice
  • how well his practice is doing against UK average (very well by comparison!)
  • how the value of his practice is rising

He saves time and his data is accurate and detailed.

And the good news doesn't stop there...

Because of this new level of visibility, Vinai can take action to control costs. Plus he actively helps his associates lift their performance and drives their financial success.

The increased success of his practice is palpable. Something which all his team are now enjoying as Vinai has been able to increase salaries and motivate his team further through bonus payments. 

What is most pleasing of all is that Vinai has seen how making his team happier enhances their relationships with patients. And this has had a direct effect on his patient happiness and the feedback he receives. 

Improving his financial clarity has been a highly successful process for Vinai. He continues to watch his practice thrive and enjoys a life free of financial stress.

You can see what Vinai has to say about his success. Do take a look, it's really enlightening to read what he has to share.

If you need to work harder, not smarter, take a first easy step. Just call our friendly team on 01249 712074 to discuss your needs and you'll be on the way to practice growth and success, without the stress!

Clear Vision Accountancy Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  ACCA red

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