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Know where you stand financially

Want to know where you stand financially? Take control of your money?

The Clear Vision Solution -
Management Accounts

Martyn Cox can now tell when he can spend money and when he needs to reign in his purchases at any time. He makes well-informed decisions which boost his profits.

Let Clear Vision help you with interim management accounts and you’ll benefit in the same way as Martyn already has:

  • Enjoy bigger profits – you’ll see what profits and costs you have made on each form of treatment, on each clinician So you can better match the profits you make to the costs you incur and increase your bottom line results
  • No more dreading unexpected cash shortages – your interim accounts will show you if you are heading for a tight spot, so you can plan in advance and cut out the stress
  • Move forward with your plans with confidence – you’ll know when you can go ahead and purchase the equipment or take up the specialist dental training you want
  • No more struggle to comply with new dental regulations – you can earmark the cash to buy the new equipment you are obliged to buy, to comply with HTM 01-05 guidelines for instance
  • Do more of the treatments which fulfil you most of all – you’ll highlight the top end treatments that you should retain and do more of

If you are still adopting a ‘finger in the air’ approach to managing your cash…

If you are tired of feeling anxious about your finances…

Take a simple step towards keeping the score for your practice today. Pick up the phone and call us on 01249 712074. We’ll tell you more about how our interim accounts service boosts the wealth and the happiness of dentists like you.

“It’s that ability to look at the overall business and see exactly where you’re going, rather than guessing all the time”

Martyn Cox
Ferndale Dental Clinic

  • Martyn doesn’t have to worry about his financial position
  • He knows when he can afford to spend money
  • He makes well-informed decisions which boost his profits

Clear Vision Accountancy Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  ACCA red

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