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Get more reward from the effort you put in

Want to see more financial reward for the effort you put into your practice?

The Clear Vision Solution - Benchmark Your Numbers

When a two partner practice in the North of England reviewed their business costs and profits with Clear Vision, the partners changed three things. They now take home 21% more profit per year than they did two years ago"

We work with dentists every week. So you’d expect us to have comprehensive knowledge of how dental businesses perform across the UK. We know where the most successful dental businesses make their profits. 

With just a handful of the partners’ business numbers, we compared their performance with the most successful dental businesses. The partners could then see:

  • where they could plug inefficiencies
  • where they could tap into cash which was there for the taking
We can do the same for you. Simply take five minutes to call us on 01249 712074 and we’ll let you know how you stack up against the best:
  • We’ll compare your key numbers – in complete confidentiality - to the most successful dental businesses we’ve seen
  • We’ll call you to tell you where there is cash locked up in your business
  • You’ll have the option to meet with us on a complimentary basis to discuss how you can get your hands on this extra profit

If you feel you’re not getting the rewards you deserve…

If you look at your team and know you should be making more profit…
Take one easy step. Pick up the phone and call us on 01249 712074. We’ll gladly tell you how your figures stack up and how you can kickstart your profits for the future. We’re told we’re easy to talk to and you’ll have no obligation to meet with us. Go on then…

“This dental business is making an additional £75,000 net profit per year compared to two years ago”

Mixed NW Practice
4 surgeries, 2 practice owners

Clear Vision Accountancy Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  ACCA red

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