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Businesses that give

When you choose Clear Vision to make a difference to you and your business...

You help us make a difference to others who really need it too...

Through the global Buy1Give1 initiative – – Clear Vision makes a much needed donation after every completed project.

What exactly happens?

When we finish your accounts, your tax return, or your consultancy project, we donate a goat to a Kenyan family...

And just as we work to enhance your income and your life, this action enhance the lives of families in this region.

A sheep or goat gives income and food for the family for a whole year. It provides milk and creates income from dairy products. Plus it’s easy to care for and can be bred and sold.

At Clear Vision, we believe every business has the power to change lives, by integrating giving into its everyday business activities.

We hope that you will join us and take part in making a difference.

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