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Rob Walsh

Rob Walsh FCA
Rob Walsh FCA
Client Account Consultant

A chartered accountant, Rob created Clear Vision Accountancy Limited to make a difference to business owners. He sold the business to Matthew Rogers on 1st August 2019 and now acts as Client Account Consultant.

He started working with dentists in 2001, helping a squat orthodontic practice to win the 'Practice of the Year' award at the Private Dentistry Awards in 2005. He specialises in dental business consultancy and has a remarkable track record in transforming the lives of dentists and their families.

Acknowledged as one of the UK leading business advisers to dentists, Rob has an unusual depth of experience in dental businesses. His specialisms include:

  • Defining what dentists want from their practices - helping set their personal goals
  • Defining what dentists want to provide for their patients and their teams - helping set their business goals
  • Getting dental teams on board - working with dentists to introduce their goals and ideas to gain 'buy in' from their teams
  • Supporting dentists in pursuing their goals - from hands-on mentoring to ad hoc project reviews
  • Dental business benchmarking - knowing where dentists have cash locked up in their practices

Rob says: It's clear that many dentists struggle to find the time to step away from their businesses. They are tied to them on a daily basis. As a result their quality of life suffers. Their families suffer. And they rarely get the rewards they deserve.

Clear Vision Accountancy Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  ACCA red

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