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Matthew Rogers

Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers FCCA

A Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Matthew is Director of Clear Vision Accountancy Limited. He has worked with dentists since 2009 and works alongside Rob Walsh to make a difference to clients.

His specialisms include:

  • Defining what dentists want from their practices - helping set their personal goals
  • Defining what dentists want to provide for their patients and their teams - helping set their business goals
  • Financial forecasting - working with dentists to prepare business plans which serve their personal goals as well as their business and its stakeholders

Matthew says: When dentists have timely and accurate financial information in their hands it becomes clearer which aspects of their businesses are working and which areas require further refinement. It is this visibility that is especially valuable as it drives further efficiencies, an increase in profits and their ability to achieve their goals

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